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Updating nameserver

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Once you have logged in, click on the 'Manage Sites' icon.This will bring up a list of websites or domain names you have in your 34account.

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You can set your domain to use Dream Host's nameservers so that your domain will automatically use the DNS records configured in your Dream Host panel.To learn more about DNS, please read 'How to manage DNS records' here.Please Note: Nameserver changes typically take 24-48 hours to fully propagate.To change your Name Servers, log into your Domain Management Interface, and click the Name Servers link.You will see a screen similar to this: Enter the nameservers for the domain name into the Nameserver entry boxes. COM) The IP address of the server is handled automatically.This is a quick step-by-step walkthrough for updating your nameservers via the 34Control Panel.

Nameservers are responsible for resolving, a process in which a domain name matching your website is taken and a physical address is obtained.

If you did NOT purchase your domain from us, we are not able to change the name servers because we don't control the domain.

Please contact the domain registrar (place where you bought the domain) and ask how to make the name server updates.

Note: You only have to add the host name of the Name Server. After the changes are made, click Save Configuration.

Please note this action does not delete the name server itself — it only removes it from being used by this domain name. If the numerical IP address is not displayed on this page, please note that it has no effect on the domain name.

A benefit to keeping the nameservers for your site pointed to Dream Host is that if the Dream Host DNS changes for any reason, your website will automatically be updated to use the new DNS information.