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Wdlxtv live webinterface updating umsp plugins

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We’ve done our best to make everything as easily configurable as possible, every option is configurable through a web interface with concise descriptions.There is also a README included in every releases zip, which contains default passwords and other information, you are highly suggested to read it. If you are a power user then you’ll be able to harness your Linux skills and fly off into the world of homebrew, wondering why you delayed any longer than you did.

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This article will focus on the WD TV Live Plus because this is what I use.At present the plug-in is more focused on display of channels from your provider in the coding mpeg2 on udp or http protocols.Channels coded in mpeg4/h264 while are supported to a lesser degree.TV-Live/Plus is souped up unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WD TV Live and WDTV Live Plus.It is based off of an official firmware, but with many extra features.Features included in WDLXTV-Live/Plus: NOTE: I am not responsible for anything crazy that might happen during the process of flashing this firmware.

Nothing should go wrong and everything should work accordingly, BUT if it does…

But one that doesn’t get enough attention as I think it should is the WD TV.

With the right tools this little powerhouse can give you a full featured HTPC experience for less than $70 and it only draws around 30 Watts.

Start up PS3 Media Server and click on general configuration and there should be a button saying channels.

Click on this and set the RTMP Dump path to where you put the RTMP Dump file.

You need to download PS3 Media Server ( and get the Icefilms plug in.