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Joralemon ceramic ceramic dating

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Los diversos talleres serán descritos junto con varios contextos culturales de producción especializada de cerámica.Asimismo, se discutirá la distribución y el consumo de vasijas y objetos fabricados por ceramistas especializados y, a través del análisis de los patrones de consumo, intentaremos comprender los roles sociales de estos especialistas en los ámbitos económicos, políticos y rituales de la sociedad mochica.

A partir del siglo III DC la sociedad mochica estableció en la costa norte de Perú el primer Estado expansionista del área andina.Thousands of objects produced by craft specialists were also found in various domestic and funerary contexts.This article examines the organization of specialized production of domestic and ritual ceramic objects at Huacas de Moche.Chronologically, the history of the Olmecs can be divided into the Early Formative (1800-900 BCE), Middle Formative (900-400 BCE) and Late Formative (400 BCE-200AD).The Olmecs are known as the "mother culture" of Mesoamerica, meaning that the Olmec civilization was the first culture that spread and influenced Mesoamerica.It has been speculated that Olmec derive in part from neighboring Mokaya and/or Mixe–Zoque.

The population of the Olmecs flourished during Mesoamerica's formative period, dating roughly from as early as 1500 BCE to about 400 BCE.

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Workshops will be described and the contexts of ceramic production will be discussed.

A new way of dating archaeological objects has been found, using water to unlock their "internal clocks".

Fired clay ceramics start to react chemically with atmospheric moisture as soon as it is removed from the kiln.