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We cut out the middle man and went straight to the lab and began to focus on fast turnaround times in the wholesale market.

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We understand the difficulty in expanding your growing company while keeping customers satisfied with 2-6 week turnaround times and depleting inventory.Perhaps the most iconic amplifier in VOX’s pedigree, the AC30 earned its place in history as the amplifier that powered the British Invasion.Since then, the AC30 has remained the choice of the world’s most accomplished artists who have come to rely on its unique voice to amplify theirs.It became so frustrating we decided to move both our label printing and product labeling in-house to reduce turnaround times from suppliers, but found in most cases that even unlabeled products were taking up to two weeks.That is when we decided we wanted to do something different than the rest of the market.The amplifiers and other equipment pictured on this page represent part of an exceptional collection of vintage Vox amplifiers, Vox, WEM and Meazzi echo and reverb units, and other equipment and accessories that is offered for sale.

*The prices shown for each item are the selling price, this is not an auction. I am acting solely as an intermediary on behalf of the owner of the collection, and all descriptions and information relating to this collection are given in good faith, but do not represent a guarantee in any way on my part.

(Offers based on the selling prices will be given serious consideration).

Gitarristen auf der Suche nach mehr Leistung sollten den AC30 antesten, der zwar den unnachahmlichen Sound seines kleines Bruders erzeugt, aber eben mit der doppelten Leistung Mit seinen vier EL84 Leistungsröhren kredenzt der AC30 Custom cremige und bissige Sounds mit einer Ausgangsleistung von 30W, die von zwei Celestion Greenback oder Alnico Blue 12”-Lautsprechern ausgegeben werden.

For over 10 years, Vox Nutrition Private Label Supplements has been leading the way with competitive supplement prices, 72 hour turnaround times, and superior customer service.

With over 100 SKUs of products in stock, we have just about anything you need from whey protein to private label vitamins.

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