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Information regarding corporate managed updating

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There, we encourage network operators to update whois registration records accordingly to ensure that the registry information is accurate and up to date.If you need to update records for the Internet resources managed under your APNIC account, you can update them via My APNIC.

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Attendees that have been removed do not receive any notification.Administrators and users benefit from keeping their Active Directory personal info updated.Bloomberg clients can download software, including full and upgrade installations, API components, utilities, various fonts and drivers, Price Link and Excel Add-ins. List Manager Upload/Download software enables clients to upload baskets of equity orders into the List Manager application on the Bloomberg Professional Service.For more information, view the Pricelink 4 Technical Guide, Pricelink FAQ Troubleshooting Guide and the Pricelink Active X User Guide.This software is only for data contributions to Bloomberg.If the resources are to be transferred to another organization, please refer to the APNIC transfer page for more information on how records can be updated.

If you need to update records not managed under an APNIC account, it is most likely that these are historical resources.

If you need to update and manage these historical resources, click here to to find out how.

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The Active Directory personal info update by fellow employees can be searched with Corporate Directory Search- Filter Based search of co-employees information Hierarchy in Organization photos are displayed.

AD real time update is the highlight of the web based self service update tool; the Active Directory self update by users are instantly updated to help avoid false data being circulated in critical searches by the Administration / fellow employees.

Depending on the meeting pricing model, if the start date changes to a future date, users may enter the meeting room after you create the meeting.