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Russian media named the doctor as a surgeon Ilya Zelendinov and the patient as 56-year-old Yevgeny Bakhtin.The Russian medical industry has been subject to a veil of secrecy.

Our young students became award winners of such significant all-Russian contests as "Archimedes" and "Lomonosov".Russian authorities have launched an inquiry after a shocking CCTV video of a doctor punching a patient and killing him instantly in a hospital in the city of Belgorod emerged.The footage has now gone viral on social media sites and has since aired on state television. When the man returned, the doctor delivered the fatal blow to the face.For almost a 60 year experience it has trained over 65 thousand highly qualified specialists for building and construction industry.Today the university is the only one which has such specialization in Europe Its graduates are currently been employed not onle in the Russian Federation, but in CIS countried and abroad.(I had to remove my relationship status altogether after a bunch of polyamorous dudes who didn’t get the joke bombarded me with messages, but that’s a different story altogether.) Now that I live in Belgorod, at least temporarily, let’s really compare the two and see how they stack up.

There are at least three walking streets in Belgorod’s downtown: the stometrovka, Narodny Bulvar, and the 50-years-of-Belgorod-Oblast Street (beautiful street, mouthful of a name).

Seven of our young scientists became the Presidents scolarship awardees, five - got grants from the Russian President.

In all Rusian students contests and olympiads in all subjects (mathematics, physics, strength of materials, ecology, etc.) our students got awards, became the winners of the contest held by Simens company.

Gorgeously landscaped, these are vibrant places for walking, socializing, and play.

With them, Belgorod has already achieved what Tucson’s Living Streets Alliance is working so hard to promote: comfortable, convenient, safe, and attractive urban infrastructure.

Since 2010 professor, doctor of economic sciences Sergey Glagolev has been the rector of the university.