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Harmony remote not updating

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Since we have issues with mapping the channels from input format 5.1 to device format 5.1 atm - this may result in silence instead of audio.If you have Mac OS X 10.8 or higher then you might get a message saying that Kodi "can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer".

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Let us know if that works for you by adding a comment Problem still exists after Hassbian update to 0.46. For those who own a Harmony 1000 and have encountered the same issues, I’ll point out workarounds or solutions where I found them.Like every self-respecting geek, I have a bunch of devices with remote controls.Setting the speakerlayout higher results in the activation of LPCM.LPCM means Kodi decodes all channels from the 2.0 encoded DTS, AC3 sound (resulting in 6 channels for 5.1) - remaps them according to the audio device and then puts them out as 6 pcm channels (this is 3 times more data then the 2.0 encoded channels from DTS, AC3 passthrough).In case of harmony hub has no power connection following error will be written on startup: 2017-06-04 ERROR (Main Thread) [homeassistant.components.remote] Setup of platform harmony is taking longer than 60 seconds.

Hi Support community, my Harmony Ultimate Remote stopped controlling volume on my SONOS soundbar within the last month. I even have one of the Harmony sensors right underneath the soundbar IR (not sure if it is necessary or not but I found it working best this way since I don't always have the remote facing the IR - may be in a different room).

It’s easier to program than any non-Harmony remote.

Its backlit hard-button layout makes it simple to use, even in the dark, and it’s way cheaper than other systems that are equally comprehensive.

For instance, you can connect your TV to your Apple TV and your stereo for the ultimate home theater.

You can also link the commands and activities you create for the remote to your Amazon Echo.

2.0 is the number of channels we are opening in the device.