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Updating performance appraisals

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Document types categorize the types of performance documents that are valid for an organization, such as annual evaluation or semiannual evaluations, a project evaluation, and so on.You set the dates to determine the time period that a document type is valid.

The authors note that: "Of course, in Federal agencies with bargain-ing unit employees, involving employees as system users would mean involving their exclusive representatives".For example, you can include tasks to set goals, let managers and participants evaluate workers, and workers evaluate themselves.Welcome to the NASA Headquarters Performance Management page!Comments may be entered by both at the bottom of the form prior to signing.Both employee and manager input is viewable after signatures are obtained and the form is completed.During the Employee Review these goals are rated by the employee, who may add comments to clarify the selected rating. Once the Employee Review is completed, or the window of opportunity has expired, the manager may finalize the Manager Review and proceed to the Performance Appraisal Discussion.

Signing the Performance Appraisal The Performance Appraisal is first signed by the employee and then by the manager.

In the sections you configure the types of content that can be rated and the processing options for ratings.

You also determine the sources of content, and how the performance documents integrate with: Create process flows to determine which tasks workers, managers, and participants perform as part of the evaluation process.

Sections form the structure of a performance document.

The sections support the process flow used by the template.

Supervisors who properly plan are more confident and comfortable conducting review meetings with employees.