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Dating bolivia 2016

Chile excluded Bolivian diplomats from a visa-free arrangement for Bolivians late on Tuesday in a row over several Chilean ports along the Pacific coastline.Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz said in the future Bolivian diplomats would have to apply for entry visas and display them in their passports.

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On paper, La Verde should barely trouble the Argentinians, who are expected to feast on the Bolivian defence.Article 168 of the 2009 constitution allows the President and Vice-President to put themselves forward for re-election only once, limiting the number of terms to two.The governing party, the Movement Towards Socialism–Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples sponsored an effort to amend this article.(The previous record setter, found in New Mexico, measured only 110 centimeters.) According to the Argentine paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguia, who is studying the footprint, the print’s owner was probably an Abelisaurus, a biped dinosaur cousin of the more famous Tyrannosaurus rex.The Abelisaurus roamed South America near the end of the Cretaceous period, between 60 and 80 million years ago. Novas named the genus in 1985 in honor of Roberto Abel, director of Argentina’s Museum of Natural Science.As Bolivia remains one of the most commodity-dependent countries in the region, however, sharply lower commodity prices pose serious challenges to making further progress towards the objectives laid out in the authorities’ Patriotic Agenda 2025, including eradication of extreme poverty, better access to health and education, and state-led industrialization.

As the authorities implement their 5-year development plan (Plan de Desarrollo Económico y Social 2016–20), sizable fiscal and external current account surpluses during the last decade have turned into large deficits.

Last month, the tour guide Grover Marquina was traversing the dusty bowl of the Maragua Crater, around 40 miles from the Bolivian capital of Sucre, when he discovered a giant footprint buried underneath rocks and boulders.

Measuring some 115 centimeters—or nearly four feet—wide, it is believed to be the largest print from a carnivorous dinosaur to be discovered anywhere in the world.

Argentina will look to continue their surge up the 2018 FIFA World Cup CONMEBOL qualifying table on Tuesday, when they host Bolivia on Matchday 6.

The Albiceleste suffered a nightmare start to qualification but beat Copa America winners Chile in their last outing, and in Bolivia, they'll come against one of the weaker sides in CONMEBOL.

The referendum was authorized by a combined session of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly on 26 September 2015, by a vote of 112 to 41.