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Double your dating meeting women online pdf

This program is aimed at providing an in-depth education in female psychology and sexual attraction and the techniques for overcoming fear, approaching women, getting emails and phone numbers, setting up dates, and getting physical with women.

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David Deangelo's book explains some of the reasons why you wouldn't be...This series is better at listening to over and over to build "inner game".Advanced series is full of good stuff, but again, mostly inner game, paradigm shifting material. i got the advanced dating stuff on cool to listen to before going out while getting inner game stuff gets me pumped far as pickup lines an techniques its pretty weak but is worth hearing at least last dude is a joke though.talks about how he stands back does not approach does not take womens phone numbers tells them he wont date them hes just gonna screw-nut-bolt and still has like several 3 somes every you are famous that shit works is not.If you are lucky enough to have become bored with dating attractive girls all the time then it’s time to become a master. Jokes aside, I don’t want a girlfriend, but I like the ladies and I like meeting new ones – and because of that, I am on a mission to meet as many of them as is humanly possible.Advanced Dating Techniques helps offset the boredom by setting new goals and show you things you never thought existed. I used to be such a wimp when it came to meeting girls. After a while, you start repeating the same cheeky chat, using the same compliments and finding that the women know you’ve done this too many times already.But now I am in the swing of things, it’s getting easier and easier. I was verging on boredom with these beautiful women. Obviously the jokes, the sparkle and the enthusiasm were beginning to wear thin.

Sometimes you just need a boost and sometimes you need to go as far as you can go and master your field.

This program is designed to show men how to approach and start conversations with women.

Some of the areas covered: - Approaching a woman, any time - Overcoming your fear and shyness - What to say to a woman so she desires you The Bad: David De Angelo has always talked way too slow, and his body language is stiff.

Another example: I ran up to a hot girl who was talking to her hot friend, and I said, "We're supposed to get to know each other." She smiled and said, "Okay." She was at my apartment that night, and we did the nasty. As I walked passed a hottie (just my type too) on the college campus, I said, "Let's have lunch together." She smiled, paused, and said, "Okay." In this program there are some fucking brilliant pickup lines. However, I have yet to successfully seduce a woman using them (though I haven't tried them that much either).

Anyway, the examples I gave of the "lines" I used successfully were from my heart...

Now, I go through the program every few months to keep the expertise fresh in my mind.