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We have several different servers for your listening pleasure: a main server, which features both automation and live shows, and a magnatune server.Magnatune is a label that promotes independent music artists and has released over 1500 albums in a variety of genres from classical to jazz.

If you want to have closer interaction with the DJs or get up-to-date information on what's coming up on 98.6 the mix, then why not connect with us to find out about our multiple options such as the listeners list, Skype, Team Talk, and much more!! Please let us know what we can do to improve and maximize your listening experience by using our contact form!Taran Armstrong runs the American Ninja Warrior RHAP Up podcast.He and his co-host, Lita break down each new episode of the show and chat with some great guests. It was his second time seeing the show live and he gave some great advice for new audience members and shared his favorite live American Ninja Warrior memory.Locals 4 Locals Have you noticed and been concerned by recent shop closures or job cuts in the Armidale area?You […] Each month 5 lucky shoppers will win four $25 Locals 4 Locals vouchers or currency.He helps ensure that people are using Git and version control to build and deliver their software more effectively.

Before becoming a Program Manager, Ed was a software engineer working on version control tools at Microsoft, Git Hub and Source Gear.

Each month 5 lucky shoppers will win four $25 Locals 4 Locals vouchers or currency.

These vouchers can be used by these shoppers to buy goods or services from Locals 4 Locals Member Businesses.

You tell John Laws you work at Jackson’s Quality Meats […] The following is a Press Release from November 2012, including a photo of the original members.

Much has changed in Locals 4 Locals, but our core values and why we exist remains the same.

Call to listen to 986themix in the United States 605.475.4438 We offer a MIX of music from all decades and genres!