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Pastor dating parishioner

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From there you’ll find happiness with or without a partner. You can be bold and use your significant other to help you out of a situation (sometimes even if you don’t actually have one). The Single Rev’s Guide to Life invites your submissions, questions, and suggestions for articles about issues relevant to the lives of single young clergywomen.

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"When John and I decided to marry 15 years ago my father was aware that I was at a disadvantage when John our minister proposed to me.There was only one thing he expected in return for all of this service—he wanted to be my friend.When the time came for me to leave the church, Jack was devastated. He’s a physician who is known for being ethical and compassionate.He reads theology and practices the spiritual disciplines, and I can always hear echoes of the Holy Spirit in his wise counsel.Imagine this: The minister has been in the congregation for a while.

During these months or years the minister has become aware of another single adult, of the opposite gender, in the congregation.

Being a priest or minister is something that you’ve worked hard for.

For example, if someone says something inappropriate about your appearance or about wanting to set you up, it is fine to say, “My boy/girlfriend would not appreciate hearing you say that.” 10.

This month, the Single Rev’s Guide to Life goes to the lighter side with a brief list of survival guidelines the rocky territory of dating in the church. You don’t need the drama of a bad break up, and neither does your congregation. Be cautious about bringing your new person to church.

Enjoy – and feel free to add your own tried and true rules in the comments! Wait until after you’ve established a foundation, and you’re ready for your congregation to latch on to him/her.

There is a very legitimate fear that the relationship could go wrong and cause irreparable damage to the minister's "follow-ability." To some it could seem that the minister is putting their own desires before their responsibility for the good of the congregation.