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And it is a man who can be satisfied with one woman for a lifetime." What a great answer!

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At one point, the host asked him, "What makes a great lover? "First of all, it is a man who can satisfy one woman over a lifetime.) field trip to local Quaternary sites within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Dyfi National Nature Reserve - including Cors Fochno (one of the largest and best-preserved raised peat bogs in UK), and the Holocene submerged forest between Borth and Ynyslas coastal dunes.If joining the field trip, we recommend to plan your travel home from the 10th June.The problem is that, sometime within the first year or two after the wedding ceremony, something happens in most marriages.Those romantic fires that burned so brightly during engagement seem to crumble into faint, glowing embers.But, here, let's lump all the big relationship to-dos together—from that first date to becoming exclusive to taking a vacation together to sharing a pad, tying the knot, and having a baby or two—and ask ourselves, in 2015, is there some universal, one-sizes-fits all timeline that works for every person and couple? I think we're all informed by too many things—how we were raised, previous relationships, and our own present and future life goals—to say that, across the board, we all should wait eight months before boarding a plane with our beau, and 2.5 years from first kiss until we're able to walk down the aisle. This time, I'm tossing my timeline in favor of doing what works for me and for my way of life.

A timeline also doesn't protect or insure you. I'm also asking those important questions as we move forward.

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Rather, I think we all have to decide, based on complete honesty with ourselves and our S. We have to ask ourselves the tough questions before we take big (and some little) steps forward: How well do I know my S. It's both freeing and fortifying to forget "when" you "should" take a step in your relationship, because if you're doing what's right for you both—and being honest with yourself along the way—you've got nothing, not even time, to fear.

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any way you describe “it”, it still means one thing: SEX.