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Radiometric dating lesson plan

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The Torah tells us the story of the rise and downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The reference to “broken up” merits attention, for it implies a wrenching of the earth’s crust, a great tectonic event.Some of the other energy, also very powerful, is harmful to life.The energy that is useful to life is a very small part of the spectrum. Due to our Creator’s laws of physics, visible light is the best energy for the chemical reactions of life.The same word is used in Numbers -33 to describe the supernatural opening up of a great pit into which the rebellious Korah and his followers and their families fell, thereby squelching their mutiny against Moses’ leadership.Any such breaching of the earth’s crust results in earthquakes, and if occurring under water results in devastating tsunamis (sometimes called tidal waves) traveling through the water at speeds approaching the speed of sound.Unlike high-energy radiation, such as x-rays and gamma rays (which harm living cells), visible light enables human eyes to see, plus it powers plant growth, the foundation of all food chains on earth.

Even the energetic behavior of little bugs ultimately depends on sun-power.

Galaxies are millions of stars packed close together. The amount of power displayed in the heavens is overwhelming, if we take the time to look up at night and think about it. (Even a blind person can feel the warmth of the sun.) Our sun and other stars are bright because they radiate energy, both visible and invisible.

Some of this energy radiating from the sun is needed, directly and indirectly, to power all life forms on earth.

The first source is very interesting from a geological point of view, and to grasp some semblance of its meaning is necessary if we would understand the Flood.

As the “deep” in Scripture usually refers to the ocean (i.e., Genesis 1:2), so the “great deep” that was “broken up” evidently speaks of great subterranean reservoirs or chambers deep inside the earth, all of which spewed forth their contents at the same time.

There are no predatory animals to threaten passersby.