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She frowns in disapproval, but I think she’s joking.

He claims that Notre Dame’s investigation, hearing and appeal procedures following her complaints were “rife with procedural flaws, lack of due process and inherent gender bias, designed to insure that male students accused of any type of sexual misconduct or harassment – concepts that do not apply to John’s conduct – are found responsible.” “The University determined that John’s text messages concerning his suicidal thoughts and repeated attempts to contact Jane for help violated its Standards of Conduct, and constituted ‘stalking,’ ‘dating violence,’ harassment, and ‘willful damage to the psychological well-being of another.’ For these transgressions the University took the extreme measure of dismissing John with no guarantee of readmission, which decision became final with just three weeks of his final semester as a graduating senior left to complete,” the lawsuit states.It will focus on empowering teens to maintain healthy and safe relationships while providing education on signs of dating violence.Primerica is the host and a sponsor of this year’s Summit.“Primerica has been honored to be a part of helping others progress in their life journeys alongside PADV,” said Alison Rand, CEO – Primerica.“This action revealed not only the lengths Jane would go to avoid disclosure of her texts, but also that her alleged fear and concern for her own safety was mere pretense,” the complaint states.“The Circuit Court allowed Jane to withdraw her Petition, but ordered her to maintain her text messages.And of course Elliot Rodger blamed his chilling act of revenge on the women who wouldn’t date him.

"I also wanted to show men what it's like existing as a woman online,” Tweten said, “because I don't think they realize or know what it's like." Unfortunately we do, all too well.

The university was so eager to prosecute Doe that it ignored video evidence of his ex-girlfriend admitting to using the Title IX procedures to “pursue a personal vendetta,” engage in witness tampering and destroy Doe’s reputation, according to the lawsuit.

In addition, the school allegedly refused to consider sworn statements from people who said they would have testified in Doe’s defense but were dissuaded from doing so after being coerced by the ex-girlfriend and her friends.

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(CN) – A Notre Dame student claims in court that he was wrongly dismissed from school just three weeks before graduation based on false accusations of harassment and “dating violence.” John Doe sued the university in South Bend, Ind., federal court on Thursday, alleging a Title IX violation and claiming the school deprived him of an education through the “discriminatory, gender-biased implementation” of its sexual harassment policy.