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Dating a customer

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Even so, you may still "turn off" some possible romantic partners who prefer a more direct and "authentic" approach.As many as one in five commercial emails worldwide fails to reach its...

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A less direct approach takes some of the risk and uncertainty out of the requesting. Fortunately, there are strategies and social skills to covertly ask for what you want.In the year of 2005, the internet was in its early developments of...In today’s mobile-first world, we’re all aware of the need to shift our... " Seth Godin asked the audience Thursday at the World Business Forum in New York City.Godin, who's written more than a dozen books about effective marketing, focused his speech on the idea of taking risks. Get ahead of that statistic with a steady handoff from Onboarding to Customer Success.

When issues arise, the modern customer seeks answers immediately.

Born between 19, the so-called Millennial generation – also known as...

When it comes to bad advertising, annoying your audience is one thing, but...

It turns the tables and has them try to come up with reasons why they shouldn't comply (which is difficult). Example: These techniques are both indirect and effective. While they avoid the awkwardness of asking directly, they can be construed by some as a bit manipulative (especially the "stronger" versions).

So, remember to use them with a smile, in a flirty, light-hearted way (like you're trying to be cute, not trying to con them).

He believes that one of the major flaws with marketing is the general belief that "more is better"—that more getting more eyeballs on a product will lead to more customers.