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is dark and still, a vault of deep blackness brushed with a faint smattering of stars.Sprawled on an office chair beneath it, the filmmaker Laura Poitras stares upward, taking in the view.

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We can likely expect Dora to lay two more over the next couple of days, although it will be impossible for us to know exactly when or how many are actually there. Also check out Roger Paw's website for regular WSP hawk updates.In 2006, the Associated Press reported that a bomb lance fragment dating back to the 1890s was found in the blubber of a bowhead whale found off the coast of Alaska, making the whale’s age between 115 and 130 years old. The average life span for a cockatoo in captivity is between 40 and 60 years, which is pretty impressive.But Cookie, the Major Mitchell's cockatoo pictured here, just celebrated his 79th birthday at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago on June 30.She’d spent much of her adult life in New York, but after 9/11, as so many artists and journalists examined what the attacks had done to America, Poitras picked up her camera and set off to explore what 9/11—or, more accurately, America’s response to it—was doing to the rest of the world.Her work has taken her to Iraq, to Guantánamo Bay, and perhaps most famously to Hong Kong in 2013, where she spent eight tense days holed up in a hotel room with Edward Snowden, filming him up close and in real time as he went from an anonymous computer nerd to the world’s most wanted fugitive.Author and activist Laura Carno on the NRA program Cam and Company to discuss bringing the FASTER program to Colorado.

To learn more about the FASTER program, click here.

That led the two-time Pro Bowler to the section 105 near-corner tunnel exit of Bank of America Stadium.

But because Green Bay Packers defensive end Julius Peppers snatched the ball from Newton’s hands after a second-quarter touchdown Sunday -- because he tossed it toward the sideline -- Newton had to chase it down.

30."The people in that area said they'd never known Cam to run in that direction to give a football to a child," Toler’s grandmother, Laura, told There was a high power with Ben’s presence there that presented the timing that Colin got that football."If it weren't for Julius Peppers, Cam would have run the other way and given the ball to another child, and you never would have heard about Colin."Colin became a social media star when the story of why he was there surfaced. Much of the focus after Carolina ran its record to 8-0 with the 37-29 victory was on Peppers keeping the ball away from Newton.

He told WSET 13 in his hometown of Danville, Virginia, that he didn’t know what to think when he saw Newton running toward him."I was like, 'Oh gosh, oh gosh! "Am I going to be on the big screen or am I going to be on TV? '"Laura spoke on Tuesday for her grandson and husband, Bill, who wore their son’s No. She said both were overwhelmed by all the attention they received on Monday and needed time to soak in everything that happened."Ben died six weeks ago tomorrow," Laura said. My heart breaks that Ben wasn’t there to participate and see the joy on his son’s face."We’ve had happy tears about this, but it’s also a reminder that Ben’s not here."Newton began giving footballs to young fans after every Carolina touchdown in 2011. It also was on Newton tearing down a Green Bay Packers banner during warm-ups.

Yemen’s a complicated place, a flash point in America’s war on terror and currently in the throes of a devastating civil war.