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Orcon usage not updating

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A service from Spark proper will follow "later this year".

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That is five times the speed internet providers can offer on fibre to most consumers Anonymous user 4097b8 on December 17, 2016 · permalink For those who have lost multiple Net Usage items such as "Lost multiple meters @andpill" and "Rolled back..multiple @Static" if you navigate to your Net Usage preference page.Look at the address bar and there should be this link (minus the personal info I redacted ) [resource://#hashes#/data/app.html#/item/0] if you change the end from [/item/0] to [/item/1] you will have the second critter Thomfam on May 18, 2017 · permalink Still not working 100% of the time with my Bigpond Account! It might update correctly once per day but most times it hasn't. by ucould2 on April 26, 2017 · permalink Have been getting problem since about February of 2017 eg."A parsing error occurred (S2)." Just made a donation so I am hoping that this add-on is still going to be useful, especially since Firefox requires every add-on to be signed now?READ MORE: * Gigabit broadband now the goal * Top internet speeds to get five times faster Consumer manager Taryn Hamilton said internet users who already had ultrafast broadband (UFB) would be able to get the service "within days" while those who needed a connection to the network could expect to wait between two and six weeks.

Gigabit broadband will be available from other providers at much the same time.

Christchurch, Hamilton and Whangarei are set to join Dunedin in having gigabit ultrafast broadband from October with other cities unlikely to be far behind.

Google, which promotes gigabit broadband in the United States, says the speed should be sufficient to let five people in a household stream HD movies without buffering "and still have enough bandwidth to email and surf the web".

Gigabit broadband will be available to most homes that have access to the ultrafast broadband network from Saturday.

But not everyone believes it will be worth the extra $30 or $40 a month it will often cost.

That's so much TV it would take a single person about 21 days, without sleep, to watch.