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Various learning styles and profiles are examined as well as the realities of the learner, community and society in today's rapidly changing world.Creating a positive and inviting learning climate is both discussed and experienced.

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The Institute for Performance and Learning, Canada's leading association of workplace learning professionals, sets the standards for learning and development in Canada.

The progressive system offers a variety of topics for everyday needs and conversation and provides immediate and more successful communication exchanges within a variety of settings.

my Quick Chat is available for children in 4, 8 and 12 locations and adults in 8 and 12 locations, each with an identical 16 location Support Master Home Page.

The curriculum is practical and theoretical so that the student is exposed to different learning contexts and methodologies, and the practicalities involved with program assessment, planning, development, delivery and evaluation.

Throughout the program emphasis is placed on assisting the student in acquiring the knowledge base necessary to demonstrate the competencies required of an adult educator/trainer in today's society.

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