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Benefits of updating vmware tools

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VMware Tools also provides drivers for memory management, NICs, storage, etc.These drivers are optimized for use in a virtualized environment.

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VMware supports a wide variety of versions of VMWare Tools with each version of v Sphere.In this article we will concentrate on managing v Sphere ESX / ESXi hosts, rather than guests and include some real world experiences of using the tool to manage patching.Patching systems is potentially such a large task that within some organisations there are teams within IT departments who are dedicated solely to this task.Pre-requisites: Make sure that the Guest Operating System version of Linux (chosen for compatibility reasons) on the VMware server to install Symantec Encryption Management Server (or PGP Universal Server) is Cent OS 4/5/6 or RHEL 5/6 (depending on which is available). Changing this option will require a power down of the Symantec Encryption Management Server Guest VM.Any PGP-Bundled VMware tools should be uninstalled before attempting to install the Native VMware tools.I have received several questions about this in the last couple of weeks regarding the process of upgrading VMware Tools for running Nested ESXi 5.x and 6.0 when the physical ESXi host has been upgraded to ESXi 6.0.

Instead of individual replies, I thought I would share this quick tip.

The chore of patching operating systems and applications is taking an increasing proportion of the time of a system administrator, so it is a a relief that at least VMware is keen to make the task easier.

VMware provide a tool in v Center Update Manager to assist in keeping VMware up to date. Any System Administrator worth their salt knows the importance of patching their systems.

VMware is no different in that aspect for its v Sphere ESX / ESXi software and regularly releases individual hotfixes for particular issues as well as bundles of hotfixes packaged up into large updates.

To help the virtualisation administrator manage these updates across their environment, VMware provides the VMware v Center Update Manager tool.

Here is a screenshot of a Nested ESXi 5.5 VM with VMware Tools installed running on top of an upgraded physical ESXi 6.0 host: In this scenario, the VMware Tools status will be reported as "Unsupported older version" because the version of VMware Tools does not match the latest version of VMware Tools included with ESXi 6.0.