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Updating textmate bundles

In node, set a paths option Specifies a rootpath that should be prepended to each of the less file paths inside the sourcemap and also to the path to the map file specified in your output css.

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The first thing we need is a cleaned up text version of your manuscript. This is good, as new minor releases of the latest version will be installable by npm.You might use this for instance to specify a path to a library which you want to be referenced simply and relatively in the less files.Please refrain from submitting any commercial products or themes.Links must allow for code browsing (github/bitbucket/svn..etc).As a note, some editors have improved support: The HTML editor has advanced context-based code-completion The HTML, XML and Java Script editors have code-analysis and code-formatting features At this point, the major improvements are multi-edition and vertical indent guides, supporting all editors (such as Py Dev, JDT, etc).

See: Multi-Edition Video for details Besides the multi-edition (which can be triggered in a Ctrl K search or with the mouse with Ctrl Alt Mouse Click), the rectangular edit is also improved to be triggered with Alt Click (and stopped with escape).

Word Press-Gear is meant to be community driven, please feel free to jump in and add/remove any useful information via Git Hub.

The easiest way to contribute is to have a Git Hub account then click, then click edit.

Yes, this is no typo, I am really replacing all quotes with an identical quote.

View highlights for previous releases Supported languages feature syntax highlighting, template completion, outline, select/deselect scope, comment/uncomment, auto-indent, linked edition, multi-edition, mark occurrences, among others.

We have improved the source map options and path generation so the sourcemap should be generated at the correct path without specifying any options. If you want to install a bleeding-edge, unpublished version of lessc, follow the instructions for specifying a git URL as a dependency and be sure to specify an actual commit SHA (not a branch name) as the rule does not exist at that exact location, less will look for it at the location(s) passed to this option.