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Putney says the review will be done by the Police Foundation, an independent, non-governmental research organization based in Washington, D. In an interview with NBC Charlotte's Rad Berky, Putney said he asked for the review because it is not only a time of healing now, but a time to find solutions that build trust between officers and the community."I am all about trying to improve our organization," said the Chief.

He said it would be a top-to-bottom look at the Department."From how we engage with the public to a critical incident September 20, the aftermath, and now recommendations about how we chart the path going forward."The review will encompass the department's training of officers in how to de-escalate situations like the shooting of Scott.

Putney said, however, that not everyone understands when de-escalation can work.

Said Putney, "You have to be able to establish communication to de-escalate.

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