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Consolidating air

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Terry pointed to Brazil as a market in which the airline industry needs to be rationalized. The recent signing of the open skies agreement with the US could result in a flood of capacity to the country.With numerical restrictions on the number of airlines operating certain routes removed, more US carriers will operate to Mexico.

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CAPA employs an industry-leading Analyst team based in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia who offer unique perspectives and independent and accurate commentary of critical industry developments globally.Fed Ex Freight helps you improve the efficiency of your supply chain - from start to finish.Utilizing our network of strategically placed and highly efficient service centers, we work with you to evaluate your unique shipping needs and to create strategic, cost-effective solutions.They tried opaque-fare sites like Hotwire, but the inventory has been reduced at such sites as well.The market may be different in some local markets, so I would check with the major airlines in your region about their policy of selling bulk tickets to consolidators for resale. “We could see more activity through joint ventures for airlines seeking to expand.” Kletzel pointed to Delta Air Lines’ recent joint venture with Aeromexico as an example of the kind of growth US airlines may pursue.

Although he did not name a further example, Kletzel said he believed other carriers may pursue such opportunities to ally with foreign carriers.

Further airline industry consolidation is unlikely in the US in the near future, but carriers may seek to grow through joint ventures or investments in foreign airlines, according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC).

“I see no signals that further consolidation is imminent,” Jonathan Kletzel, PWC principal for travel and transportation, said at the IATA AGM in Cancun.

Normally AWB refers to the Air Waybill issued by carrying airlines and also called Master Air Waybill (MAWB) which comes with three digits of numeric airline identification codes issued by IATA to non-U. based airlines and Air Transport Association of America to U. A unit load device (ULD) which links directly with the airplane cargo handling and restraint system.

A term used to describe blocked space by airlines on behalf of forwarders/shippers.

Whether its one-to-many distribution or many-to-one consolidation, you can count on us to provide the transit times and coverage you need to stay competitive in today's market.