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“After months of discussions, I received a court order at the end of January 2016 telling me to evacuate, so I did,” Rebeiz told Al-Monitor.

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It has become increasingly clear that these radiometric dating techniques agree with each other and as a whole, present a coherent picture in which the Earth was created a very long time ago.He is presently employed in the Space & Atmospheric Sciences Group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.Radiometric dating--the process of determining the age of rocks from the decay of their radioactive elements--has been in widespread use for over half a century.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. When Ebrahim Raisi was appointed a year ago to lead Astan-e Quds Razavi, Iran’s wealthiest and most influential charitable organization, few would have predicted that it could have ramifications for the country's next presidential election, scheduled for 14 months later.The Red House, the Rose House and the Laziza Brewery are symbols of the lack of urban planning in the Lebanese capital, where heritage succumbs to money. 3, Ghattas Khoury, the new minister of culture, issued decree No.

32, which removed the famous Red House — in the Ras Beirut area in Hamra, in western Beirut — from the list of protected buildings.

In July 2016, the minister of culture signed decree No. “I think it is the first time a heritage-listed building is removed from the list,” Mona El Hallak, an architect involved in preserving the city's heritage, told Al-Monitor.

Wiens has a Ph D in Physics, with a minor in Geology.

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I was maintaining everything — it’s my job after all — living in basic conditions and not having done anything to modernize the house in order to keep it intact.” When the owners asked for a demolition permit in January 2016, the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) — a technical unit of the Ministry of Culture in charge of the promotion, protection and excavation of all heritage sites of Lebanon — started an investigation.