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Bethlehem may be a huge religious tourism destination this weekend but during 2010 the number of people visiting destinations at home has grown because of the sheer number of churches, cathedrals, abbeys and sites we have.

If you dig deeper you’ll find out that fried chicken was brought to Southern America by the Scots, whereas, the English were known to bake or boil their white meat—the batter and spicing on fried chicken we can thank Western Africans for.DENVER -- Can you imagine paying up to $9,000 for a dating service?That's what Mile High Singles charges for its VIP membership, though the price seems to vary depending on how much customers are willing to pay.When he got on the database, he says it was under 100 women in his demo. A second customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told CBS4, “It’s a scam.” A third woman we spoke with, who also wants to remain anonymous, says she too found many “inactive” members.The third woman paid $5,000 dollars for her membership." But Lindsey said the 52 percent threshold is a made-up number. If you have $5 down and you can pay $50 a month, they will accept you," she said.

Lindsey confirmed the goal at Mile High Singles is to sign up whoever it can for as much as it can and promise very little in return.

It would seem that everyday someone somewhere is opening a coffee shop.

Forget the fact that the UK is traditionally renowned for tea drinkers. On Wednesday, the European Court of Justice decided that all airlines flying in and out of the EU would have to pay for carbon emissions from January 1st next year. We may be living in the worst economic crisis since the 1920s but that hasn’t stopped 4.25 million Brits from packing their bags and heading overseas this Christmas, with the peak travel days predicted to be today and tomorrow (Dec 22 and 23).

Their Foxtrot Fried Chicken is the perfect plate of sweet and spicy—two thoughtfully battered and spiced, crunchy on-the-outside juicy on-the-inside thighs topped with black sesame seeds, sea salt, and a drizzle of honey sriracha sauce with a side of bread and butter pickles that eat more like candy, leaving you wishing there were more.

Fried chicken has undeniably made its presence on the breakfast menu known with classics like chicken and waffles or fried chicken, biscuits, and gravy.

But you haven’t had fried chicken for breakfast until you’ve stopped into Denver Biscuit Co.