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Windows live messenger not updating

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You were using Windows Live Mail (WLM) desktop email client program to access your Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live, MSN or any other Microsoft account's email.Everything was working fine and WLM was properly syncing your account emails without any problem.

Like Windows Live Mail 2012, the Mail app on Windows is free.Suddenly WLM stopped syncing your emails and started showing error messages.Now you can't sync your Microsoft account emails using Windows Live Mail program.This update will allow Windows Live Mail to again synchronize emails without any problem.Actually this update adds support for Exchange Active Sync (EAS) protocol to Windows Live Mail program and also updates the existing Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN and other Microsoft email accounts settings in Windows Live Mail program so that the program can sync emails using new EAS protocol.When Microsoft will discontinue Delta Sync protocol, Windows Live Mail program will stop synchronizing emails for all Outlook and other Microsoft accounts.

That's why Microsoft sent the email to all users informing about this upcoming change.

These changes will prevent your email from being delivered to the Windows Live Mail 2012 application that you use.

If you use Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, we recommend that you switch to the built-in Mail app in Windows to stay connected and get the latest feature updates on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

If it's not happening to you yet, wait for a few days and after June 30, you'll start facing this weird issue. The reason is as following: Actually Windows Live Mail program uses Microsoft's own Delta Sync protocol to synchronize emails from your Microsoft account whether its a hotmail, outlook, Windows live, MSN or any other Microsoft email account.

When you add a new Microsoft account in Windows Live Mail program, it automatically configures the email account using Delta Sync protocol.

You were not using Windows Live Mail application to sync your Microsoft account emails but recently you decided to add your Microsoft account (hotmail, outlook, msn, etc) into WLM program but its unable to sync emails and shows error messages.