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Dating a guy with money

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The one thing I know about men and their wallet is: if he is stingy with his money, he will be equally stingy with this time, emotions and affection. When you date a man, you don’t expect him to commit to you immediately.

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He’s built up this reputation for himself as “the player,” but I see past the façade.People who are in love support each other through thick and thin—through good and bad financial times.Before you decide that he or she is the right person to marry, you need to take a serious look at how they view financial goals, choices and commitments. In fact, you disagree about almost all financial goals, choices, and commitments. When you quiz them about their personal budget, it’s clear they don’t have one. They blame other people, the high unemployment rate or other circumstances beyond their control for this lack of employment.Now that I’m and “adult” and living on my own, I’m forced to come to grips with what it takes to be financially responsible for myself.Meaning, I prioritize my car payment and rent over the many cute new outfits that I would like to buy.Women are more likely than men to let their emotions influence how they handle money.

That emotional spending can even result in women letting their feelings for a man (or attemps to snag a man) get in the way of making smart financial choices.

If you think you’re worth it and you expect it, a man will rise to your expectations. When a man sets his sites on a woman, he will work hard to win her love and commitment.

Dating and relationships are comprised of a balance of power. While women, knowingly or unknowingly, use their femininity and allure to reel in the man of their dreams. Depending on his finances, he will dine you in nice restaurants, he will treat you to all-expense-paid trips and he will buy you small and large gifts, because in his mind, he is investing in you and his future.

Every man I’ve been out with lately has a dysfunctional relationship with his wallet: cheapskates, millionaires, and the down-and-out and broke. I think banks and creditors are onto something: healthy financial standing is a positive indicator of creditworthiness. Please feel free to reject his boyfriend application if any of the following dings are present on his financial record.

Plus: 7 Times When “I Love You” Doesn’t Count There are a few basic things required to sustain life: food, shelter, and sleep.

And they know which women are needy and desperate for a husband and they can put in limited effort to get her to give up her goodies. My father was a cheapskate and my mother worked 40 hours a week to help ends meet.