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Who is duane lee chapman jr dating

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Until then, Chapman had believed that his stepfather was his biological father.Chapman spent his early years in Pampa, Texas, but during his teen years, moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Barbara Katie Chapman aka BK and her boyfriend Travis Mims had one son together Travis Drake-Lee Mimms , Barbara had a long battle with drugs until the day she died, due to that on she gave full custody of her son Travis one year-old at that time to her father and his longtime girlfriend Beth Smith.and his first wife, La Fonda Sue Darnall (née Honeycutt).When Chapman was 7 months old, his father was sent to prison. Despite that audio Mimms urged his son to call 911.' I said yes they won't just tell him they'll make sure, and he goes (big sigh) 'good,'" explained Duane Chapman.By Tim Sakahara - bio | email HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now) - The custody dispute over Dog the Bounty Hunter's grandson has captured national attention and local authorities as well. " said Beth Chapman, standing outside her home after a visit by Honolulu Police Officers. In the audio recorded September 30 we hear the boy repeatedly hit with a belt.

The Chapman's were visited at home by police twice since taking over custody of their nine year old grandson. I don't like it here," said the boy on a voicemail message to his dad Travis Mimms. It's that incident that makes the Chapman's believe Travis Mimms needs parenting help.

Travis Mimms got in touch with her ex father in-law and asked him to let him be a part of BK’s son Travis Jr.

he allowed him to do so and even help him financially eventually Travis worked with Duanne and obtained custody of Travis Jr. For some time we didn’t hear anything about them, but that change when an audio tape of Travis Sr.

During Duane Chapman's incarceration, Chapman's parents divorced.

He was unable to see his father again until he was eight years old, when the elder Chapman gained visitation rights to see him and his brother, Duane Lee.

Duane Lee Chapman is the second oldest son born to Duane "Dog" Chapman, he is a full blooded brother to Leland Chapman.