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Developed across the University of Cambridge, research conducted over 2015 led to a roundtable at the House of Lords in January that discovered an "atmosphere of rising hostility" towards the country's 2.7 million Muslims, who comprise less than 5 percent of the 64 million-strong population.Meanwhile, the two factors meant more Muslims were seeking news from other sources such as television or radio stations from their countries of origin.

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It’s a story of liberation, of taking the first steps towards understanding the foundations of computing, writing your own code, and creating your own media without the bonds of existing software tools.Cairo University announced that it would banish state security forces, replacing them with civil guards.The interim Minister for Education and Higher Education, Ahmad Gamal Eddin Moussa, proclaimed the dissolution of student committees elected during the old regime.Buch: Katrin Lange / Liedtexte: Edith Jeske / Musik: Thomas Zaufke / Filmmusik: Karel Svoboda Die Geschichte eines selbstbewussten, burschikosen Mädchens, das sein Schicksal selbst in die Hand nimmt und mit Hilfe der Wunderhaselnüsse, vor allem aber durch eigenen Mut, durch Kraft und Geschicklichkeit den Prinzen für sich gewinnt.Zum Golde drängt doch alles, selbst wenn es nur ein goldiges Federvieh ist."The outcome is a serious breakdown in the multicultural agenda." Following recent attacks across Europe and the Middle East - including the shootings in January 2015 at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, deadly violence across the French capital in November 2015, and the twin attacks in Brussels earlier this month - Muslims tend to feel judged by the media, Farmanfarmaian added, as many equate the Islamic faith with "terrorism".

"What they expressed was that they felt they were being judged, they were in the headlines, the atmosphere of hostility was very stark," she said.

With over 2,5 million students, most of them concentrated in only 18 public universities, campuses have the size of medium-scale cities.

Students and professors are more politicized than the rest of the population.

Frei nach den Brüdern Grimm erleben wir die Geschichte vom gutherzigen «Dummling» Klaus, der von seinen Brüdern Kunz und Franz in der familieneigenen Schusterwerkstatt alle anstehenden Arbeiten zu erledigen hat, während seine Brüder über ihre nahe Zukunft als steinreiche Männer phantasieren.

Aber auch Klaus hat einen Traum: Er fertigt in seiner knappen Freizeit feine schöne Tanzschuhe für ein Mädchen, in welches er sich irgendwann einmal über beide Ohren verlieben wird.

"Many Muslim communities don't have media literacy," Farmanfarmaian told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.