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Wpf dependency property binding not updating

wpf dependency property binding not updating-55

And if the user selects a file via the Open File Dialog, i set the result to this property. Custom cs The problem was that the Observable Collection don't recognize changes to list elements, just if new elements are added or removed.The solution is the concept of the Very Observable Collection which can be found here on stackoverflow.public static readonly Dependency Property File Name Property = Dependency Property.

UPDATE AND SOLUTION : As suggested from @Anatoliy Nikolaev (thanks to his explanation on Updare Source Trigger) and @Karuppasamy in the User Control it can be done like this (use the Update Source Trigger explicitly because it's a textbox): public static readonly Dependency Property File Path Property = Dependency Property. It is a textbox with a button which opens a Open File Dialog. So I have a Binding to my Dependency Property "File Name" to the property in my View Model.The Text property of the Text Box is bound to my dependency property "File Name". After changing the "File Name" property (changes direct to the textbox or selecting a file via the dialog), the viewmodel property doesn't update.Supposing that Paint Object is a much more complex object with many properties that may change, do you have a suggestion how to make this binding?And also, what is the mess in the design that you are referring to?And I think adding the Update Source Trigger while using it, doesn't work.

If i use the Update Source Trigger in the User Control itself it's not working, in the Main Window yes.

Register("File Name", typeof(string), typeof(File Selector Text Box), new Framework Property Metadata(default(string), Framework Property Metadata Options.

public string Title public static readonly Dependency Property Title Property = Dependency Property.

But I don't mind refactoring if things can be done better.

Well, you have several options, you can create an event in Paint Object, and subscribe from dependency property change, you can bind to all properties by code, using Binding Operations, you can clone Poin Object as you did [email protected], hard to do recommendations without having hole logic in mind.

What am I doing wrong as the width does not update when I change the property?