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Good places in mumbai for dating

To the point: Our otherwise sticky and humid city is getting a much needed break this winter.

Head to these beautifully decked up restaurants that are not only going to make your evening special but treat your palates with all the love! The Sassy Spoon Within all the clash and clamour of business district Nariman Point, lurks one of Mumbai's prettiest restaurants – The Sassy Spoon.Showcasing around 50 live comedy shows a month, the Canvas Laugh Factory is the perfect place to chill, have a good laugh and enjoy a drink or so along with your partner.Location: 3rd floor, Palladium Mall, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Cat Café Studio The Cat Café Studio is a dream come true for all the cat lovers out there.Nobody goes to Bay View for its food either – it's the usual spicy pub grub that's great for soaking up alcohol (kebabs, chilli potatoes, fish fingers and suchlike).What Bay View boasts of though, is an absolutely ripping view of the sea.Here is a list of few places in Mumbai for couples to explore together : Remember "Wake Up Sid"?

The movie made this spot remarkable for quite a few as a favorite spot in the city. It's a briliant idea to take your girlfriend out for a late-night coffee at Marine Drive as you sit there and the breeze hits your face.

Have you ever wished for a work place surrounded by fluffy cats?

Well, what you hear next is definitely going to amaze you.

Whether it is the rising morning sun on the eastern horizon or the setting sun in the majestic Arabian Sea, there is no better place in Mumbai for a serene walk with your girlfriend.

How to reach: The nearest railway station to the neighbourhood is Mahalaxmi, while Elphinstone and Lower Parel are also the nearest railway station from Worli.

Yes, residents of other metropolitans might have raised eyebrows after this statement of mine but one has to agree with me that Mumbai does have something about it!