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Vampires attract a loyal fanbase, I mean, who hasn't fantasized about Angel, Spike, or Eric Northman sinking their fangs (and more) into you?Maybe not Gary Oldman as Dracula, but we will let that slide.

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In reality, I think her parents would have been appalled by this – they have always been welcoming and loving to me, even when my views differed significantly from their own. Boycotting this film suggests Christians are offended by the existence of gay people – even if that's not how the boycotter intends it.WELCOME BACK, NYU HAWK CAM March 2017 We welcome you back to the NYU Hawk Cam.In 2011, a pair of Red-tailed Hawks began nesting on a ledge outside the office of New York University’s president on the 12th floor of Bobst Library, overlooking Washington Square Park in NYC."Is that a stake in your pants, or are you just pleased to see me?" There is no denying that vampires still mean big business for Hollywood, with The Vampire Diaries currently airing its eighth and final series.To page through them is to see a young woman, driven to become a television journalist.

Headshots from her TV career give way to photos of her with her young husband.

They have returned every year since and recently have been visiting the nest -- a hopeful sign that we may have exciting developments to watch during the spring.

To capture those moments, NYU has set up a camera so that the NYU community, the birding community, and others could have an unusual insider’s look at life in an urban raptor’s nest.

Those folders sit alongside stacks of meticulously detailed scrapbooks. -- Kelly Deushane's dining room table is piled high with books, most touting beneficial, healing diets.

Those folders sit alongside stacks of meticulously detailed scrapbooks.

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