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Ne yo who is he dating

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"Girls tend to put their best face forward to grab the guy's attention.And then, a few weeks, a month, maybe a year into the relationship, that starts becoming too much effort. It's all a matter of being who you are from the start." --Ne-Yo"Simply leave. If you see him in the hallway, be cordial, but walk the other way. I can't deal with this anymore, and you gotta respect me as a person.'" --Ne-Yo"My friends rarely gave me any good advice.

Now mind you…is the one who specifically told my source (a very reliable person) that she is dating Neyo. It is what it is.”As for Shaw’s thoughts on his relationship, she was quoted as saying this last August:“I really don’t think much of it right now.When it gets serious, that’s when I will dedicate the time to think about it because we have two little kids so it’s kind of not just us.Listen to what she's saying and what she's not saying and you'll always know what to do." --Ne-Yo"Why do you put yourself in compromising positions? In my line of work, I come across a lot of women that do that." --Ne-Yo"Guys are not complicated at all. For example, if a guy invites you over after 12 a.m., he does not want to talk. You know that we're not good at expressing our emotions. "We're looking forward to just being each others' best friend."After meeting to discuss a collaboration on Ne-Yo's 2015 album, the two began dating and soon became inseparable.

And after a six month engagement, the perfect pair walked down the aisle in an ultra-romantic ceremony.

Both the R&B crooner and his wife have shared flicks on their social media accounts letting fans in on their getaway.

The Grammy Award winner captioned, "My beach is better..." On Crystal's IG... Funnyman Jamie Foxx was spotted at Sirius XM’s NYC Studio on Tuesday, a day after denying rumors that he’s dating actress Katie Holmes.

"When I went to my first fitting, I had actually just found out the day before that I was pregnant," Renay explained to . "We're human beings, so we're gonna bump heads on different things, but we've agreed that this is gonna be a marriage that lasts." Best of luck to these radiant newlyweds!

"So from the beginning of the whole dress process, we knew that it would be a growing belly." But a tricky dress situation wasn't going to stop these two from living happily ever after.

Corbis In this week’s edition of “Things That Make You Go Hmm…” it seems that Ne-Yo and his girlfriend, Crystal Renay Williams, are getting a lot cozier than we all initially thought they would.