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Dating services for criminals

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(MORE: Five Phrases to Take Off your Online Dating Profile Now) The increased use of online dating sites has also brought an increase in financial scams and even physical abuse.

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The sites will now check subscribers against national sex offender registries and actively search for fake profiles.The investigative database, which is in wide use by law enforcement officers and private investigators, provides public and vital sources to go along with individual searches.The members can learn whether the person they have met online is already married, bankrupt or has a criminal record.In 2008, the industry generated more than $600 million in revenue.In a study released this month, Ibis World said the industry has probably reached "saturation level," particularly for paid sites because of increased competition.Attention online dating surfers: there's now a way to determine whether that Perfect Person you've met on the Web isn't a murderer, or a sex offender, or even is married.

A startup Internet dating agency is offering free criminal background checks to its members.

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"I can understand why daters are getting a false sense of security - they're paying a fee to be on their site," said Stephany Alexander, whose Web site Woman allows women to research and rate a potential mate.

"We're dealing with a lot of people who lack those street smarts," said Dave Evans, editor of Online Dating Post, a blog about the business. People say, 'I thought everybody on here was supposed to be legitimate.' What rock did you crawl out from?

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