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We have taken care of all the details so you don't have to, just simply relax and take in the French experience.

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So Renoir refocused, refitted and relaunched, adding a full evening menu.It’s easy to see the early appeal: Renoir fell in with a camp of innovators, the French Impressionists working in the late 19th century, who were pushing the medium of painting forward, and art collectors and capitalists like Albert Barnes and Duncan Phillips rushed forward to support the new modernism.But not all of the experimental works that made the bulk of early modern-art collections has aged well.The museum isn’t mounting a big Renoir show, or celebrating the artist in some other way.Any institution foolhardy enough to do so knows by now to expect some kind of pushback, because everyone hates Renoir, and everyone always has. So there wasn’t, in fact, a new or timely reason for the protesters to gather where and when they did—they just really hate Renoir.Grilled Halloumi was plentifully loaded, the salty cheese ideal for accompanying juicy tomatoes and a sweet balsamic glaze.

Last week, when God-Hates-Renoir protesters rallied outside the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, there was only one reason why anyone might have been surprised to see them there.

A very generous mound of Scottish smoked salmon topped neat slices of wholemeal bread (£5.45), the quality of the fish shining through (although a more interesting loaf would be preferable).

A hint of horseradish offered a hit on the side too.

After your stay in Paris you will enjoy a direct, high speed TGV train transfer to the beautiful city of Bordeaux from where you will board your floating hotel for the next 7 days.

This 7-Day Riverboat Cruise will take you through the heart of the Bordeaux region of France, with amazing stops & visits along the way, and gourmet meals served on board.

In hindsight, some of these investments were mistaken.