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This is Day 5 and we have just arrived at Addo Elephant park.The evening is closing in and the clouds have just obscured an amazing view of the towering peaks. The past weekend in Kathmandu now seems a long time ago, with its evenings spent nursing Everest beers while holed up in Sam’s bar in Thamel and its afternoons in a last mad dash to buy kit.The image of the ritual goat sacrifice that we witnessed at Pashupatinath temple and the sight of bodies being prepared for public cremation on the banks of the Bagmati is seared in my memory.Like Mumbai, it is a crowded, chaotic, dirty and colorful city replete with grand Brittish colonial buildings, but it has the dilapidated charm and laid-back ease of the Cuban capital.Even though Myanmar borders India, I was still surprised that it reminded me of its neighbor, in large part because I didn’t think any place could remind me of the madness of India!We had to go a little off the beaten path to find both. We arrived at our first stop, an equestrian farm, owned by my partners incredible friends. Not that we any idea that was the case at the time. Bleak, I retired myself to reading the inspiring literature, John Lloyd’s ‘Smart thinking for Crazy Times’ and getting in a full day of work on the wireframe for my business app.

We had been kindly invited to stay at for a few days. On a farm, surrounded by horses, chickens, family and friends. I had a paragliding tandem appointment scheduled for the next day. The first people who greeted me in the morning were a chicken, named Lucky, a pony, a mare and her 2 week old foal. Making the best of bad news, we instead took a trip to the harbour in Knysna for a late lunch. After that we went up to the Knysna Heads to watch the sun settle to bed and after a long day quickly followed suit. I instinctively knew there would be no paragliding today. For lunch our hosts invited us for lunch at a little spot not to far from them.

We had to turn around after our stop in Storms River to cross the Zipline Canopy Tour off my list. However the combination of having to double back meant we weren’t getting to Addo last night. Just to catch you up, Day 2 of this trip was brilliant.

By the time it got to 5 pm, we were in need of diesel and a spot to watch the rugby. We were beating the forecast rainfall as we made our way down the East Coast of the Western Cape.

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The runway is just 500 metres long, carved into a mountain ridge with a sharp cliff on one side and a 25-metre vertical rock wall on the other.