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Who is lisa loeb dating

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For three years, she had her own radio show on 88.5 KRSM-FM, a 10-watt station licensed to the nearby all-boys St. After college, bassist Rick Lassiter and drummer Chad Fisher joined the band.

Her mother, Gail, was the president of the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance and Foundation and her father, Dr. She attended The Hockaday School, an all-girls private school.It's about the singer Lisa Loeb and her struggles to find a date.It mentioned NYC so I figured that I would watch it. She seems like a very reasonable, normal person who just made some bad relationship choices. I do have a hard time believing that she has problems getting a date.She went on to produce more hit albums, and has made several appearances on television, including her own reality show.Singer-songwriter Lisa Anne Loeb was born on March 11, 1968, in Bethesda, Maryland, and grew up as the second oldest of four siblings.Loeb attended Brown University, where she formed a band called Liz and Lisa with classmate Elizabeth Mitchell, who also went on to make a career as a musician.

Classmate Duncan Sheik, who eventually gained recognition as a musician as well, played guitar for the duo.

She has always proved her worth as a singer and almost all of her songs and albums have been successful.

Loeb’s film, television and voice-over work includes a guest starring role in the series finale of Gossip Girl and she starred in two other television series, Dweezil & Lisa, a weekly culinary adventure for the Food Network all of whom became involved with music: conductor Benjamin Loeb, musician Debbie Loeb, and mix engineer Philip Loeb.

Her family moved to Dallas, Texas, when she was still young.

Loeb was raised in a Jewish and musically inclined home.

"My folks sent me to music lessons when I was a little girl, piano lessons as well as piano theory," she once said of her childhood.