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Julie benz dating

The upcoming -exclusive digital series, Dark/Web, will be tackling some of those possibilities.

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Brandon also manages “The Voice” judge and country superstar Blake Shelton. and who did Shelton have mentor his Week 1 singers? Clarkson tells Toronto’s CHFI radio, “I have a new boyfriend. She seems to have wanted to disassociate herself from those kinds of characters, though, turning down a role in , where he played the half-demon Doyle; some sources claim the character was always meant to be killed off early, while others say that Quinn’s real life drug problems meant he had to be written out.It seems kind of poor taste to speculate about it much further, since, whatever the truth, Quinn died from a drug overdose at the tragically young age of 32.The internet may be a useful everyday tool that we take for granted, but at its core, it has the power to be devastating and deadly.In the darkest reaches of the web are the most horrifying of possibilities, and even if you’ve never been a victim yourself, chances are you’ve at least heard some terrifying stories involving the deep web.He loves to bark and protect the yard from intruders (squirrels), but becomes a nervous wreck when I start cooking in the kitchen (he hides in the closet! Sugar is a five-year-old Havanese and she's so easy going.

I can take her anywhere and know that she will behave.

Charisma Carpenter (along with Angel himself, obviously) Cordelia Chase became a fascinating, layered character over the years we got to spend with her.

Charisma Carpenter could do comedy as well as pathos, and could also be brilliantly bitchy when the occasion called for it.

She's very in tune to our needs and does whatever she can to please us. Q: When you divorced from your then-husband actor John Kassir, you were widely quoted as saying your dog Bamboo helped you through the divorce. A: Divorce sucks, but it's amazing how healing a little heartbeat laying next to you can be! I was living in a small apartment with rented furniture and I had lost everything that was familiar, but knowing that at the end of my day Bamboo was there waiting for me made everything OK.

Sometimes all you need is a heartbeat, someone excited to see you every day and Bamboo was my heartbeat.

Actors Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts attend the Kick Off for Golden Globes Week 2012 hosted by Audi at Cecconi’s Restaurant on January 6, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.