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Russian men dating customs

I asked Claire, my most adventurous girlfriend, to tag along.

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Annelie goes on to explain that women in Sweden often pick up the bill and the men 'don't dare say no' to the gesture." I asked Claire, remembering one of my friends in Seattle, a Siberian-born Russian with extremely high expectations for the men in her life and a strict no-bullsh*t rule when it comes to dating.An hour later, when we stepped off the plane in Moscow, Anna, the head of marketing for my Russian publisher, greeted me with flowers.On the plane to Moscow, the flight attendant refilled our wine glasses, I stared out the dark airplane window and thought about my divorce, my beleaguered heart, and the endless dating hamster wheel.Though I had recently begun seeing someone exclusively, I still had fears, and even more questions."Maybe Russian women have it all figured out?Now jostling and pushing goes on in the street when getting on to buses, trams and the metro.

At table, the Russians help themselves without asking, which is a relief for Western Europeans and Americans who live in constant fear of inadvertently neglecting their neighbour.

And while many of the participants were insistent on sticking to traditional gender norms, some men and women were adamant about splitting the tab - or even leaving it for their female companion to pay.

50/50: In the video, which sees men and women from different cultures paired up on first dates to see who would pick up the tab, Eric from Germany admits that he doesn't like to pay for first dates at all Meanwhile, Eric from Germany tells his Venezuelan date Mariana that he forgot his card and offers her a phone card instead.

Russians consider it important to make regular and frequent toasts.

No-one should even start drinking at table without making a polite toast to demonstrate that they are aware of their surroundings and want to share the pleasure.

I come from Moscow, Russia, and this is my third year in the United States.