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Intimidating site urbandictionary com

The term came to be associated with opportunism and exploitation by outsiders. S., the term is used to refer to a parachute candidate, that is, an outsider who runs for public office in an area where they do not have deep community ties, or have lived only for a short time.In the United Kingdom at the end of the twentieth century, "carpetbagger" developed another meaning: in British English it refers to people who join a mutual organization, such as a building society, in order to force it to demutualize, that is, to convert into a joint stock company.

Speaking in a low voice, the 15-year-old addressed the issue at hand: Whether he had called a girl in his eighth-grade class "horse," "fat" or "fat **s" — and whether any comments made violated what has been called the toughest anti-bullying law in the country.Most Pakeha will say most of their best friends are Maori as a cop out to their racist comments, also Pakeha have a general dis-like for Pacific Islanders, due to physical intimidation and their own wish for superiority.Loaded with booze, drugs, dirty woman, homosexuals, pedophiles, rapists and tobacco they ventured throughout New Zealand, growing tobacco, getting drunk, rapeing children and built a government that is synonymous of Pakeha, built on lies, greed and thieft which they justify because they are Pakeha.About 40 people have signed the petition, which reads: “The Urban Dictionary is a good reference of colloquial slang, but it is also a melting pot of ignorance….They are not definitions, they are racist views and should be labeled correctly.”Once a definition is included in the dictionary, editors may review it and remove it if it is against the guidelines.I’d point out that it is not only the Maori entry that has racial slurs associated with it.

The Pakeha definition includes: Traded or stole land from the Maori people, brought over guns and cannons and declared war on a land who’s combat was with sticks and stones yet got their asses kicked by so-called savages and had to settle their defeat with a treaty where the Maori people were duped when the Pakeha translated it into English.

For the World War II special operations unit, see Operation Carpetbagger.

In the history of the United States, a carpetbagger was a Northerner who moved to the South after the American Civil War during the Reconstruction era (1863–1877).

From coke, to weed, to guns, and counterfeit money, it's all good in the hood because Big Pat is the Juug master.” According to that book, then, “juug” can have a broader definition.

The examples given involve broader activities, dealing in drugs, guns, and counterfeit money.

In the hour of triumph the government was doomed to receive a stunning blow.