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Scottish saltire dating

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In recent years a stone altar was discovered on the site of the Roman fort at Inveresk near Musselburgh.

They are due to become available to the public later this year.Arguing that "it's our flag too", the Scottish Secretary drew parallels with the 1980s when Labour "allowed Margaret Thatcher to claim the mantle of patriotism and wrap herself in the Union flag."The party had made a similar mistake in the 1990s in Scotland with the saltire, he said."We allowed our national symbol - St Andrew's Cross - to be co-opted as an image of nationalism," Mr Murphy argued."Patriotism and nationalism are not the same thing. But not all patriots are nationalist."While Scotland has many of its own institutions, including separate legal and education systems, Mr Murphy said Britain is "woven so far into the fabric of Scottish life".Among the examples he cited were the welfare state, the monarchy, the armed forces and the actions of Britain on the world stage.Scotland's smartphone users can now express national pride with a single keystroke as the saltire flag emoji is confirmed for release.A symbol showing the blue and white flag will soon be available on smartphones and social media, it was announced on Thursday.Constantine’s success paved the way for the toleration of Christianity which later, under Theodosius, became the official religion of the Roman Empire and laid the foundations for modern European culture.

While still a military tribune, Constantine (pictured) visited Britain, accompanying his father, for example, the Emperor Constantius I, in his campaign against the Highland tribes in AD 306 in the north of modern Scotland.

The other 'unofficial' Scottish flag (the 'Lion Rampant') is quite different, but it may be the one that came to mind first.

The actual word 'Saltire' means 'a cross with diagonal bars of equal length' and the national flag of Scotland is made up of a white saltire (aka St. First hoisted in 1512, it's believed to be one of the oldest flags in the world still in use today.

Although the Saltire (pictured left) is the official Scottish flag, if you had something a bit different in mind, you could still be on the right track. The reason for the confusion above, lies in the fact that Scotland actually has two flags, but only one of them is recognized as Scotlands' offical national flag - and that's the Saltire.

Learn all about the Scottish flag (or ) right here.

Jeremy Burge, chief emoji officer at Emojipedia, and Owen Williams, who works for BBC Wales, proposed the flags be given Unicode support last year.