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12 week dating scan expect

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I have a bit of belly fat too and they can see just fine through it and didn't need to do a vaginal scan.The early stages in life are the most critical time.

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now i've finally got my scan date, i don't actually know what i need to do :) all the letter said is the time date and place, as i havent had my booking in appointment haven't had any advice or told anything. - ask when you're there how to book your 20 week scan - pack tissues, it's emotional! x that is a good run down on what to do especially as not all hospitals need you to have a full bladder my 12 week scan it had to be very empty but depends on hospital, i think they usually say 3 cups of water an hour before your appointment but ask when you arrive if you need a full bladder then if you dont you can quickly go for a pee before your called in xxx You do need a full bladder (however annoying) as if you dont drink enough, you can prolong your time there (the sonographer may ask you to leave, drink some more and come back) On my letter it stated how much cups of water or fluids I needed to drink, but to be honest i drank the required amount but within myself knew i was no where near full, so I managed to get my bladder to the point where i knew i was going to need to pee pretty soon...Take something to entertain yourself You will be given an appointment time of course but remember they may be running behind and putting a time on this is impossible.If you are one of the first appointments of the day you are more likely to be seen on time but otherwise we recommend taking a book or something else to keep you entertained as it may be a long wait. - you may be asked to go away and come back after eating/walking so the baby moves a little - you may be asked to run/starjump/roll around the room to get the little nipper to play ball!! but here's my advice - go with a relatively full bladder, you can always pee to empty it if they want you to - wear something that you can lift up to show your belly (and the top of your thighs/bottom/pubic bone) easily (I wore leggings and a long top - eat something - expect to be in there anything from 20 minutes to 4 hours! ) - sometimes all the pushing prodding hurts a little, but it's worth it!You may have had the ‘blue line’ which suggests you are, but to see for sure will give you added reassurance.

Ultrasound scanning in early pregnancy can provide that confirmation and peace of mind that you need.

A first glimpse of your baby is very precious so what can you expect from the experience? Drink a glass of water If you drink water about an hour before the scan it will allow the sonographer to see the baby more easily as it pushes the uterus into a more visible position.

It will also serve you well for the urine sample you will be asked to give after the scan – remember not to drink too much though or you may be hopping around the waiting room!

With the air of a car mechanic's 'Pop the boot, love, let's have a look', Janine commands a hoisting of T-shirt, slops on cold goo and a thing that looks like a supermarket barcode reader and twists the screen towards us.

We get our first, fuzzy glimpse of the person (it's not twins) who's been treating my wife's internal organs like a bouncy castle these past few weeks. But seeing it on camera, it now feels even less real. Before I can protest, she points out the foetal heartbeat, a tiny flitting butterfly of light behind what looks like an elbow.

A creature which isn't quite recognisable as human is waving at us - actually waving - and I am stunned.