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Known as the "Garden of France," the entire area of the Loire Valley is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The sumptuous Renaissance châteaux were designed purely for enjoyment and entertaining, an extension of court life outside Paris.The job of a journalist should be to get to the truth, not worry about impartiality.It should be to serve the audience, not care for how politicians feel they are being treated.Oasis is here to help at-risk youths navigate tricky waters of the teenage years with a wide range of programs that are designed to empower them and make them aware of their potential.The Loire Valley invites visitors to step into the scene of a fairy tale, complete with stunning castles and an enchanting countryside.The grandiose Chambord is the most magnificent château, while Chenonceau is the most elegant.

In a majestic location on the left bank of the Loire River, the UNESCO-listed Château of Chambord is a must-see tourist attraction.

Shocking photos and video footage of the couple (left and right), from Zaporozhye, Ukraine, were released by officers.

Their baby can be seen strapped into his baby buggy as his parents lie unconscious on the floor The child was strapped into his baby buggy as his 28-year-old mother was lying sprawled in the dirt unconscious.

The pair had passed out again, this time with the baby clinging to his 28-year-old father's foot.

Officers put the toddler back in his buggy and took the family back to the police station.

Historically, the Anglo-Saxon period denotes the period in Britain between about 4, after their initial settlement and up until the Norman conquest.