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Jann van hamersveld dating

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Tonight Thursday, June 9, the documentary film John Fleck Is Who You Want Him To Be screens in Los Feliz, at the Los Feliz 3 Theater. This Sunday, May 22, acclaimed Southland painter Ed Gutter releases his latest artwork, Speakeasy, in new format, as a limited edition tee shirt that includes a print and button, at a one-day only pop-up event at Til Death Studio.

[2] Reflecting on the painting as an object of material culture, Linda Seidel rubs out the iconographic interpretation, seeing “behind” the painting nothing more than “business as usual.” In her view the Portrait is merely a receipt for the father of the bride and notarized proof for the groom to receive the dowry.I’ve been having some good talks with Dave Tourjé, he’s a good dude.He get’s where I’m coming from and comes from a similar surf-skate-artist background.Derived from the efforts of specialists in modern optics, reflectographic analysis attests to the Portrait‘s ongoing allure, its magnetic ability to attract narratives around itself.Even a short view of the painting’s intersections with modern critical analyses reveals a series of rubbings-out and repositionings ranking in number and quality with those executed by the painter himself.Visitors can see art in all mediums–painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration, design, print making, video, fashion, installation, ceramics, jewelry, architecture, costume–and meet the creators. Now in its fourth year, World Art Day is a global event that promotes awareness of creative activity worldwide.

And while World Art Day is officially April 15, in LA we love a party, so…

The reworked mirror itself seems cognate with the artist’s shifting intentions as it draws the composition into focus.

A “restoration” in reverse, moving backward in time from finished product to earlier stages of composition, this process espies a hidden narrative teased out of the underdrawing’s hatching and overlapping lines.

Juice Magazine, March 26, 2017 - “SOMOS LOCOS” spread the love of art at the Manhattan Beach Art Center, March 18, 2017, with a presentation featuring new work by California Locos, five pioneering L. artists, Chaz Bojorquez, Dave Tourjé, Gary Wong, John Van Hamersveld and Norton Wisdom […] Read More Easy Reader News, March 16, 2017 - In a few minutes, an L.

A.-based art collective will set up camp, drop "an art intelligence bomb," the likes of which we haven't seen here in the South Bay, and then they'll scatter, to regroup elsewhere.

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