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There would be too much testosterone, too much masculine energy out there. The thing is, humans crave what they fear the most.Why do you think so many men end up dating their mothers?

You go into Sherlock Holmes mode You start overanalyzing every single thing the man says. Most women, when they get the guy they want the most, think it’s too good to be true. They become paranoid and when they become paranoid they turn to their own Dr. You see Watson doesn't know enough about the guy you're dating to have an informed opinion. When an alpha guy feels like a woman doesn't trust him, he'll get bored instantly and he'll go on to the next. You don't go with the flow You slow the flow down because you're so nervous and you don't communicate why you're nervous. When you're dating an alpha guy, you're not in control. And with an alpha guy, you're not in control at all. He doesn't want a woman who walks with her penis, talks with her penis and tries to out-penis him throughout the day.But there can only be one person in the driver’s seat.” All hope is not lost, however: a new book raising eyebrows in the US offers a controversial solution.Dr Sonya Rhodes, author of The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match, due out in Britain next month, says Alpha women are so unlucky in love because they’re looking in the wrong place.The smarter you are, the smarter your girlfriend must be.Alpha males are driven by passion, by their wants, needs, goals and dreams.Some of the world’s most inspiring Alphas (Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice) have yet to settle down; while many of their predecessors (Coco Chanel, Jane Austen) never did.

As the singer Alanis Morissette puts it: “Alpha men are very turned on by the Alpha woman – really high chemistry, really fun to work with, probably really fun to have affairs with.

They trick themselves into believing this man is lying. So the alpha guy starts thinking, where was this cool girl that I met in the beginning? It's the heart of what scares most women away from alpha men. So, if you're a successful woman, which a lot of you are, and you needed to be alpha in order to be successful in the world, stay away from alphas. Remember ladies, there are not many alpha guys out there.

They are our leaders, our trendsetters, our troublemakers and our innovators. Being an alpha male is great in many ways and depressing in countless others. The same goes for alpha women looking for their counterparts.

Of course, an alpha male's girlfriend won't so much be a part of the pack, but rather a queen sitting next to him on their respective thrones.

He expects unwavering loyalty — and understandably so. It may have been the case so many millions of years ago, but due to evolution, intelligence is now key.

Like men have done for decades, 21st-century women are finally embracing the “Alpha” within – knowing exactly what they want and stopping at nothing to get it. The Alpha female struggles to find a perfect partner.