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Nellie mckay dating

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In that time I’ve seen her play gigs of all sizes and all kinds, alone or with bands, playing piano or keyboards and, sometimes, a joke that got so far out of hand it became a Radiohead covers album, the ukulele.

She toured the northern United States in July 2004 as an opening act on the first half of the Au Naturale tour co-headlined by Alanis Morissette and Barenaked Ladies.Her performances at various New York City music venues, including the Sidewalk Cafe and Joe's Pub, drew attention from record labels.The recording sessions for Mc Kay's debut album Get Away from Me took place in August 2003 with Geoff Emerick as producer.They had a few songs on my STUFF I REALLY LIKE i Pod playlist. But then she’d talk about Brian, the other half of the Dresden Dolls (Amanda played keyboards, Brian played mostly drums and sometimes guitar), and talk about their time on the road in the way someone talks about a bad marriage she’s glad she’s out of: they had been together all day and every day, and for 120 minutes of that time they had made the music that made her happy, and the rest of the time they drove each other crazy. Amanda appears on the balcony to watch the support band, the Legendary Pink Dots.I’d felt vaguely warm towards them after hearing Amanda was nice to my god-daughters Sky and Winter after a gig, and when I noticed that the Dolls put up the hatemail they had received (complete with occasional hatedrawings) on their website. They’d sometimes been lovers, or at least, they’d had a fair amount of sex over that seven years, and they’d sometimes been friends, but mostly they’d been the Dresden Dolls, a band on the road, united in a vision of art as liberation. Curious, I’d watched a You Tube video from the end of their final tour. It’s a band.” Cut to Amanda: “It’s like being brother and sister and married and business partners and then put in a box where you have to see each other 24 hours a day,” she says. They were her favourite band as a teenager, gave the Dolls their first break.I want to describe Amanda Palmer, half of art-punk cabaret-rock band the Dresden Dolls, in a way that makes her seem like something exotic, but truly, it’s hard for me to think of Amanda Palmer as exotic: I know her too well.

We’ve been friends for three years, a couple for nearly two, and engaged to be married for the best part of a year now.

Her carriage and diction may be as precise as a 1940s ingenue's, but there's a twinkle of mania in her eyes, and her wide smile has a threat of impending bite: She's like a pair of pretty fingers that are ready to snap.

Unsurprisingly, the songwriter to whom she is most often compared is Randy Newman, with whom she shares both a grounding in traditional Great American Songbook pop and a sly skepticism about human decency.

Hopefully we can work Charlie Sheen in there somewhere. I went to a party once with the Olsen twins and Lindsay Lohan, and it was embarrassing. I hope, though, that when my computer finally breaks I don't get another one, because it's poison.

Well, I don't think ] But those social soirees—I don't know why anyone would go to them to have fun! I love it when you see a real New York character on the street. Yet you're about to do a two-week run at Feinstein's, which is a pretty schmancy joint. And I gotta say, I like the fact that the ticket price is so high that people really pay attention, because they want to get their money's worth. I know some people can deal with it, but honestly I'd rather be an alcoholic than be on the computer as much as I am.

to an English father, writer-director Malcolm Mc Kay, and an American mother, actress Robin Pappas. While growing up, she lived with her mother in Harlem, New York, in Olympia, Washington and in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania.