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Bradcast my cam

At least you didn't write it had to work with your existing cams.

Bradcast my cam-33Bradcast my cam-90

Their server converts the rtsp stream to a flash form of streaming and they broadcast it to up to 100 simultaneous visitors. My question is if I can somehow send the rtsp stream from my camera to youtube servers so they broadcast the picture live without me having to pay a monthly subscription.We offer interesting information from the online video world.At the following link have created a web page to broadcast live from my home ip camera.After searching a lot I have concluded that youtube servers can not accept my rtsp stream directly so I would either have to use a pc with a flash encoder or use an external service to encode the rtsp stream from my camera to flash.Please give me your ideas or your complete solution to help me broadcast live from my home camera. There are a few variations (too many IMO) on IP cameras so it's possible someone may know a setup but it won't be compatible with your IP cam.Thank you, that your are interested in Cam Streamer.

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And with Sparko Cam all of these can be accomplished in few clicks.

Sparko Cam creates a virtual web camera transmitting to any compatible application everything happening at your desktop in real-time.

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Windows XP unfortunately lacks Direct X 10 features and the audio subsystem present in Vista and up that OBS makes use of, and as such, will never be supported.