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Updating dsl firmware

updating dsl firmware-52

3- Download your router’s latest official firmware (you should have a copy, in case this goes kaput). Next open up RUC and enter your router login info, defaults are: Router Upgrade Check 1.2.9 19/09/2008 Router IP: CLI is needed Description: Dlink G624T Board type: AR7VW Product ID: AR7WRD Bootloader: psbl RAM 16.0 MB Flash (ROM) 4.0 MB ADAM2: No No default env: No Linux version: 2.4.17_mvl21-malta-mips_fp_le Firmware build: Firmware version: V3.02B01T01.

Once the Router is connected and switched on, please follow the instruction video below.Most routers have a built-in update checker, which may or may not perform the entire process automatically.If you're using an Apple Air Port router, you can use the Air Port Utility program to check for updates.Before you start, I must say that updating a router’s firmware is not for the faint hearted and I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong with your router.This is pretty much a n00b friendly tutorial, so you should be okay, if you follow everything as written in the Router Tech’s help docs and in this tutorial.Note: This firmware upgrade is only required for customers who are using the D-Link DSL-2790U modem with an nbn™ connection.

The Firmware Update file is located at the bottom of this page.

ME-A.20080125 Manufacturers: D-link Corporation RNDIS: Telogy Networks Inc The above settings will qualify you for a Router Tech firmware upgrade.

Cable modems have built-in diagnostics for getting information on the quality of the cable signal coming to the modem.

A few modems may have this information in the manual that they came with. SMCNetworks SMC8014WG-CCR_____ » _Username: cusadmin / Password: password SMCNetworks SMCD3G-CCR________ » ___ Username: cusadmin / Password: highspeed SMCNetworks SMCD3GNV (IMS/NCS)_ » ___ Username: admin / Password: password SMCNetworks SMCD3CM1604_______ » ___ No Username or Password required Technicolor TC8305C (IMS)___ » _______ Username: admin / Password: password Thomson DCM425___________ Need Info. Thomson DHG536 (IMS/NCS)__ » ___ No Username or Password required Ubee DDM3503____________ » _____ Username: user / Password: user or » ___ Username: admin / Password:cableroot Ubee DDM3513____________ » _____ Username: user / Password: user or » ___ Username: admin / Password:cableroot Ubee DVM3203B (IMS/NCS)__ » ___ Username: admin / Password:cableroot Ubee U10C018____________ » ___ Username: admin / Password:cableroot Ubee U10C035____________ » ___ Username: user / Password: user Zoom Telephonics 5241_______ » ___ Username: admin / Password: cable Zoom Telephonics 5341(G/H)__ » ___ No Username or Password required / Additional Login: » Telephonics 5341J______ » ___ Username: admin / Password: password Additional Login: » Event Zoom Telephonics 5350_______ » _____ Username: admin / Password: admin Zoom Telephonics 5352_______ » _____ Username: admin / Password: admin Zoom Telephonics 5363_______ » _____ Username: admin / Password: admin Zy XEL BRG-35503___________ » __ No Username or Password required •Thanks to all the posters in this thread who helped with updating this FAQ: »I need your help updating a FAQ !!

For some cable modems, you can access these diagnostics even if the cable modem hasn't obtained block sync.•The following list is Manufacturer & Model specific. directs you via a link & provides Username / Password where applicable. • If none of the above methods work, or if your cable modem does not have block sync, you may need to 'force' a connection directly to the modem.

Now over to the tutorial: Please download the following tools and confirm the settings following afterward.