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5 things you should know before dating a journalist

And the best part is, you will give us your passwords, surrender your laptops and let us configure your smartphones, because, hey... So it's best you don't try to hide anything.We don't have to find things out, your computers will tell us.

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Whilst we might be able to get away with eating more pizzas in a week than anyone should and still not be obese, it is really not doing our insides any good. OOf course, there are millennials amongst us who spend more money on gym memberships, chia seeds and green juices than Domino's, but a lot of them also have a massive binge-drinking sesh at the weekend, which is apparently really wreaking havoc on our bodies. Dental work is expensive and Lord knows we won’t be able to afford that.As a result, their shelves are full of innovators’ memoirs, and their online bookmarks are all links to self-development articles.There’s no “leaving your work at work” when you own a business.Be it computers, cameras, remote controls or actual toys.Inquisitive brains like to fiddle with things, find out how they work, what makes them tick and how to make them do new and interesting things.Present us with an interesting enough problem and we will tune the world out.

Present us with a boring subject and we will tune the world out.

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