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James purefoy who is he dating

She co-ordinated her black dress with a pair of deep purple drop earrings and wore a nude lip with her trademark strong brows.

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While applied to many items now, from computer software to luxury car appointments, the term historically was only applied to tailored clothing, shirts and other parts of men's apparel involving measurement and fitting.She brought cinema-goers to tears when she played tragic Eponine in Les Miserables.But Samantha Barks was beaming in a little black dress on Thursday night at the London premiere of Interlude In Prague.All of which involves along the way a brutal KBG boss (Roland Møller) and his psychotic henchmen, a young dissident (Bill Skarsgård) who heads up a resistance network, an enigmatic watchmaker (Til Schweiger) and a rookie French agent (Sofia Boutella) with whom Broughton has some hot girl on girl action.On top of which, the people of East Berlin are flooding the streets in the ongoing protest and resistance to Communist control.As such, she’s supposed to work with the head of the Berlin station, David Percival (James Mc Evoy), except he, as Gray puts it, has gone ‘feral’ and clearly has his own agenda involving the source of the list, a Russian defector, codenamed Spyglass (Eddie Marsan), who has it committed to memory.

Advised, rather unnecessarily given her cynicism, by MI6 chief C to trust no one, the mission inevitably becomes both complex and increasingly dangerous, with inevitable its plethora of double crosses and violent repercussions.

She plays Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 agent who is pretty much the dictionary definition of cool. Set in 1989, in the days prior to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, events are framed by a debriefing of a bruised and battered (but still ice cool) Broughton by her handler, Eric Gray (Toby Jones) and his CIA counterpart (John Goodman) regarding her recent mission to Berlin.

Her ostensible purpose was to retrieve a list of operatives hidden inside a wristwatch stolen from a fellow agent, seen being bumped off by a KGB hitman in the opening sequence, and prevent it falling into the wrong hands and extending the Cold War, but also to unmask a double agent known as Satchel, whose identity could well be on the list.

Ruby, 29, who plays Barbarina in the film, looked demure in the iridescent gown, which was tied around the back with thin straps.

The floor-length dress almost hid the actress's peep toe blue shoes and Ruby completed the look with a set of geometric earrings and rings.

NEW RELEASES Atomic Blonde (15) Doctor Who notwithstanding, the chances of there ever being a female 007 seem pretty slim.